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The Gstaad Guy is a masterpiece of influencer marketing

The Gstaad Guy's double life as Constance and Colton encapsulates the essence of modern luxury.The Gstaad Guy is a masterpiece of influencer marketing

The Gstaad Guy is a masterpiece of influencer marketing and branding.

Here’s why:

With "only" around 800k followers on Instagram and TikTok, the Gstaad Guy has developed two distinct online personas.

First, there's Constance, a 30-something bastion of old money, living between high-society London and the luxurious ski-resort town of Gstaad in Switzerland. To quote him, “if you know how to pronounce Gstaad, you know”.

Then, there's Constance's American cousin, Colton, a Gen Z new-money obsessed with street fashion and matcha, splitting his time between LA and New York.

Both are parodies of real characters you might encounter in the private members clubs of Marylebone or at NYC fashion shows.

Although the Gstaad Guy has kept his true identity a secret, Constance and Colton have become influencers in their own right.

Constance has launched his own rosé wine brand, Palais Constance, which is served in upscale clubs and restaurants. He is officially dressed by Loro Piana and Audemars Piguet and has sunglasses collaborations with the Swedish brand CHIMI. Meanwhile, Colton has established himself as a Gen Z street-fashion icon.

People even text Constance for tips on where to eat in London, as if he were a real person.

The Gstaad Guy achieved the impossible task of representing, and likely becoming, the very individuals he mocks. Forbes reports that the rich love him and make up a significant portion of his relatively small following.

Thanks to his double life, the Gstaad Guy can appeal to different audiences and expand the range of brands for potential collaborations.

While Constance and Colton look antithetical, the brilliance lies in the fact that they actually represent two sides of the same coin. The contrast between old money and new, tradition and hype, encapsulates the essence of modern luxury.

The Gstaad Guy has understood this perfectly!

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