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SMG Swiss Marketplace Group (formerly TX Group)
Walks LLC
Walks LLC
Eason & Son Ltd
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How we achieved great revenue performance thanks to Google Inventory Campaigns.
At SMG Swiss Marketplace Group, we successfully implemented Google Inventory Campaigns and achieved great revenue results thanks to it. In order to complete the project we partnered with Feedonomics, an enterprise feed management tool. I wrote a case study on their blog. Check it out!
How to fix your Google Ads performance from a bad situation: case study.
At Takewalks.com the Black Friday sale lasted two weeks. Close to the end of the first week, on the Wednesday before the Black Friday, I realised the Google search ads’ performance wasn’t meeting my team’s expectations.
Case study: how to implement Google Analytics on a single page app, via Google Tag Manager.
Implementing Google Analytics on a single page app website is tricky and definitely more complex than a regular implementation. In this case study, I'll show you how I did it.
Implementing Google feed-driven search ads at Easons.com.
Have you every heard of feed-driven search ads? Well, make sure you read this case study!