Sometimes I feel like I've lived 3 lives...

Life 1: Music

I was born and raised in Parma, Italy.

Between eating parmesan cheese and prosciutto antipasto, I found out I also loved music. So I spent my teenage years and early twenties playing and studying music as much as I could.

Giacomo Iotti plays guitar with band Musicanti di Grema in Milan, opening act to James Morrison
My 22-year-old self playing as opening act to James Morrison in Milan.

In 2012 I moved to Rome, where I was lucky enough to enter the movie and soundtrack industry. I composed music for short films and even managed to place a song in a mainstream Italian comedy.

Giacomo Iotti plays guitar in Zurich, Switzerland.
My passion for music survived all 3 lives and here I am, rocking out my 30s.

But things were going to change...

Life 2: Dublin & Digital Marketing

After spending a couple of years in Rome, I realised something was missing. I wasn't sure exactly what it was, but I had to find out.

So I took a one-way flight to Dublin to look for it.

I quickly discovered that Dublin was the epicentre of music. You could hear live music at every corner. Record stores still existed and all my favourite artists were performing there multiple times a year.

It was the place to be!

Giacomo Iotti plays the bass in legendary venue Whelans, in Dublin.
Playing legendary venue Whelans, with the band MOTIONS, Dublin 2017.

However, I also realised music should have stayed what it used to be: a huge personal passion, rather than a job.

While still in Parma, I had studied business and marketing in university. I thought I could re-start from there.

Little by little, I found my way into the digital marketing industry. And guess what, I loved it!

I would spend most of my spare time reading and studying about it. I couldn't get enough!

The learning curve was extremely steep and that's what kept me motivated, to the point of possibly overlooking other aspects of life.

Life 3: Switzerland, enjoying the journey?

The pandemic didn't go easy on me.

Thanks god, I never got sick, but other personal things happened during the lockdown, which made me re-evaluate my life and priorities.

So, when a job offer from Zurich came almost out of the blue in the summer of 2020, I didn't think twice.

Giacomo Iotti is in Dublin airport, ready to onboard a flight to Zurich.
On the way to Zurich, late August 2020.

I have lived in Zurich ever since and despite some expected challenges, I couldn't be happier of my decision.

I finally (re)discovered the beauty of living outdoor. Skiing in the winter, swimming in the summer, hiking in autumn.

Being more fit and (naturally) tanned makes a difference!

Work-wise, the learning curve has obviously flattened since the days in Dublin, so I'm now enjoying every moment and developing new skills like microblogging, project & people management and more.

Giacomo Iotti speak at the TX Conference in Zurich.
Talking at the TX Conference, by TX Group, Zurich, 2021.
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