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6 Ai Tools I Use on a Daily Basis for Blogging and Marketing

Check out the six Ai tools I use on a daily basis. You won't need anything else!6 Ai Tools I Use on a Daily Basis for Blogging and Marketing

6 Ai tools I use on a daily basis:

  1. ChatGPT-4, premium version ($20/month)
    This is a must. Virtually any Ai task can be performed with ChatGPT, especially since the launch of custom GPTs.
  2. Custom GPTs (part of ChatGPT premium).
    I created two custom GPTs that I use on a daily basis:
    >> Improve Text (public)
    >> Thumbnail Generator (private, for now)
    With Improve Text I simply paste a paragraph in the chat and without any prompting it automatically proofreads and improves my text. It generally uses a better grammar and vocabulary. I'm still blown away by the quality of its writing. Nowadays, anything I write goes through that first.
    Thumbnail Generator creates two thumbnails for my blog posts. I gave it specific instructions to create images always in a certain size and style. If you check my blog you'll realise that all my thumbnails look similar, as if they were made by the same artist.
    It doesn't require complex prompting. A few words are usually enough to obtain a great result. For example, "Netflix wins the streaming war" was the prompt for my latest blog image
  3. Perplexity Ai (free)
    Lately, I find myself searching on Perplexity Ai more than on Google. I use it especially for researching the topics I write about on Linkedin and on my blog.
  4. Stable Diffusion (free)
    I use its image-to-video generator. It's free, it's quick and generally good quality. Usually, I create images with the Thumbnail Generator, then use Stable Diffusion to create a short animation out of it. Then, I create a GIF that I sometimes post here on Linkedin.
  5. HeyGen ($29/month + add-ons)
    I used it to create my own avatar for some work-related videos. I am now exploring also library avatars for more impersonal videos. Excellent quality, easy to use.
  6. Midjourney ($10/month)
    This is by far the best image-generation tool (in my opinion), but since I've created my custom GPT, I stopped using it to save money 😄.
    However, we use it at SMG Swiss Marketplace Group for marketing work.

    That's it! Ai doesn't need to be complicated.
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