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OpenAI is Building a Preferred Publisher Program

OpenAI's Preferred Publisher Program aims to integrate real-time data into ChatGPT, partnering with top media companies.OpenAI is Building a Preferred Publisher Program

OpenAI is building a Preferred Publisher Program. It is a big deal!


It's now evident that OpenAi wants ChatGPT to become as integral to our daily lives as Google or Instagram.

But to achieve this, historical training data is not enough. It requires real-time data to ensure that responses are 100% accurate and useful in daily use contexts.

Where to get real time information?

OpenAI is initiating negotiations with top publishers and media companies to incorporate their content into ChatGPT. For instance, it recently secured a deal with the Financial Times.

In return for content, OpenAI will pay them either a fixed amount or a variable one depending on usage. More interestingly, it will also offer premium placements within the ChatGPT environment.

Placements will take the form of links or citations, with their prominence and look varying based on the agreement, I guess.

This is as if Google paid publishers to display their results!

While publishers did attempt to profit from Google, the model proved unsuccessful. Instead, the SEO industry was born!

I believe that also OpenAI will eventually stop paying for content. Instead, it will develop a system similar to SEO where the best publishers will gain more visibility on ChatGPT. Of course, this will work only when and if ChatGPT will finally be part of our daily lives like Google is.

This is exactly what OpenAi is aiming for.

It is especially clear if we look at the latest developments of GPT-4o, which acts as an everyday personal assistant. They even released a desktop app for Mac (not available for older models with Intel chips, like mine 😕 )

Ads are going to be the next step.

After securing partnerships with publishers, it will target advertisers. People will soon pay to be on ChatGPT!

OpenAI is growing up, from a tech darling to a real big tech!

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