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Merchant Media: The Future of Advertising

Marriott plans to monetise its 1st party data via an ad network, providing advertisers access to its guests TVsMerchant Media: The Future of Advertising

Merchant Media. What is it?

The online advertising industry is going through a massive transformation due to the "death of cookies" and other privacy policies.

As always, the end of something is just the beginning of something else.

With 3rd party #cookies fading out, 1st party data is becoming more and more important. Large merchants own huge sets of customer data. Now, this data is one of their most valuable assets.

Marriott International is planning to monetise its 1st party data via a proprietary ad network, that will allow advertisers to reach its guests across the Marriott mobile app and eventually even the guestroom TVs. This will bring a new revenue stream to Marriott, as well as new premium ad inventory to advertisers.

I believe this is just the beginning!

Do you agree?

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