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China’s mental-health crisis

Having too many options makes decisions harder. I feel like we’re losing track, or are we?China’s mental-health crisis

I’ve been thinking how modern life in the western world has become increasingly complex to navigate, especially for young people.

I think that one of the main challenges we face is the abundance of options. We are led to believe that anything is possible, which is kind of true.

You want to travel to that beautiful island that you just saw on Instagram? I guess you can. You want to make more money? I'm sure crypto TikTokers have good advice for you. Social media makes you unhappy about your body? Plastic surgery is definitely an option. You're overwhelmed by the amount of seemingly available and beautiful men/women on Instagram? Easy, get a divorce and chase one of them.

But the paradox is that having too many options makes decisions harder.

How can I know what is best for me if anything is possible and potentially right and accepted? I feel like we’re losing track.

Now, that’s also what totalitarian governments tend to think, for example in China. I couldn’t help but agreeing with some of the measures the Chinese government has recently taken, regarding the use of social media, video games, the super-rich etc.
 For a brief moment, I thought that was the way. It’s hard to digest, but ultimately will make people happier.

Until I read more about it.

Unfortunately, fewer options mean that someone else chooses for you.

In China, there’s a deep mental-health crisis. Not only there, I would argue. But unlike in western countries, in China it is very hard to be treated properly.

This is because therapists are generally “controlled” by the government. So if you struggle with the heavy lockdown measures, a therapist will try to put the blame on you. If you’re in a marriage crisis, a therapist will convince you not to divorce. If your ideas clash with the government’s, you’re sent to a psychiatric clinic, as if you were ill instead of simply in disagreement.

I feel like we will need to put more and more effort into making the right choices, but this is the price to pay for our freedom.

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